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High-Tech IP Telephony Solutions

Save money on your phone bills with telephony solutions from System Communications, LLC. Based in Franktown, Colorado, we install top-quality systems at extremely competitive prices. We also offer structured cabling and security camera installation.

Ericsson LG™ iPECS

Pure voice intelligence melt in IP architecture

iPECS is a fully SME dedicated IP communications solution without compromising well trained voice features and even becomes more intelligent as its phase 6 release. More than 20 years of experiencing SME voice communications, Ericsson LG has learnt how the complex voice features should be dealt with and more importantly it understands why the features are required from the customers. Installing iPECS, the customers can choose a call server from 3 different types depend on the size of the business from 100, 300, 600, up to 1200 ports. The real time web admin offers the customer with simple and easy maintenance without having fully dedicated system manager. Mobility is also a expected benefit as businesses are having more and more connection with SOHO and branch offices. Remote IP phone, Softphone, wireless IP phones and mobile extention may provide a seamless connection wherever you are. Thanks to the broadband availability everywhere. By plugging in the RJ45 on the wall, you have communication through network to the system. Even three party video conference and application sharing can be managed by MFIM (Call server). More variety of IP phones are available from phase 6. LIP-8000 and LIP-9000 series attracts the customers’ tastes with 5 different looks while WIT-450HE(wireless IP phone) fully integrates it’s talent with MFIM.


Fully distributed architecture
    -Flexible configuration within maximum 600 ports
    -Call fail-over to local PSTN while loosing master connection(WAN)
    -Remote gateway installation
Application enhancement
    -Mobile extension enhancement
    -Multi party voice/video conference with more parties
    -H.323 G/K interface & SIP trunk interface
    -SMS sending and responding
    -UC integration(Optional)
Enhancing user conveniences
    -E-mail notification & Message retrieval method
    -Pre-selected & customers voice message
    -Web user manual with local language
    -Softphone upgrade
IP enhancement
    -T.38,G.711/723/729 multi codec
    -IPsec for internal calls & SRTP supported
    -VLAN supported for local

Wireless Phone

Easy Maintenance

Maintenance is quick and easy. Our real-time web admin offers the customer simple maintenance without the need for a fully dedicated system manager. With a simple broadband connection, you can plug your RJ45 into the wall and enjoy seamless communication through the network. Even three-party video conference and application sharing can be managed by MFIM (the call server).

More Connectivity

Keep in touch with your SOHO (small offices/home offices) and branch offices using this versatile technology. Seamless mobility is a key benefit of iPECS. Features include:

Remote IP Phones | Softphones | Wireless IP Phones | Mobile Extensions

IP Phones

A variety of high-quality IP phones are available. The LIP-7000 series features five different looks while the WIT-300HE (wireless IP phone) fully integrates with MFIM.


Fully Distributed Architecture | Flexible Configuration within Maximum 600 Ports | Call Fail-Over to Local PSTN while Losing Master Connection (WAN) | Remote Gateway Installation

Application Enhancement:

Mobile Extension Enhancement | Multi Party Voice/Video Conference with More Parties | H.323 G/K Interface & SIP Trunk Interface | SMS Sending & Responding | UC Integration (Optional)

Enhancing User Conveniences:

Email Notification & Message Retrieval Method | Pre-Selected & Customers Voice Message | Web User Manual with Local Language | Softphone Upgrade

IP Enhancement:

T.38,G.711/723/729 Multi Codec | IPsec for Internal Calls & SRTP Supported | VLAN Supported for Local